Prayer is a powerful tool, but it’s so underrated.  Once you give your life to Christ, prayer will be one of the most effective weapons in your toolbox. If you would make a commitment to pray everyday, even if it’s just 15 minutes, it would change your life so astoundingly.

How do I know?  I know because I tried it. That’s why I’m so excited about sharing my discovery of prayer with you. Ha! It’s so funny that I call it a discovery because I was born and raised in the church.  However, before I accepted Christ and surrendered to Him (for myself) I used to go day-to-day without praying. The only time I would bow my head and talk to God would be in church, and even then, I wouldn’t really focus on talking and connecting with Him.  It was just a ritual.  A routine.  When I have to deal with some drama or get into some kind of trouble, then I would find time to pray.

I’ve learned that communication with God shouldn’t only be done in the case of an emergency, but I should talk to Him everyday.  At least acknowledge Him and thank Him for what He’s done for you. If you can’t think of anything that He’s done for you, just take a deep breath in and out.  Ok…now, thank Him for that!  There are so many benefits to talking to your true Father, your creator, your provider, and your most best friend.

When you pray, are you able to connect with God and be strengthened spiritually, mentally, and even physically.  I’ve had times when I felt so weak and drained, but when I prayed, I felt a new surge of energy go through by body and I was able to go on.  Prayer enables you to talk to God, express what you are feeling, and seek guidance.  It also gives you the opportunity to hear from God and receive the direction you need.  In this world flooded with unnecessary information and opinions of others, it’s imperative that we pause and hear the voice of God for real insight and instruction.  Once you receive the Holy Spirit, you’ll be able to more easily distinguish when God is talking to you.


I invite you to pray with me on Thursday Mornings at 6:30am during the Outcry Prayer Call.  Right now, we need to stay in the presence of God more than ever before.  There are so many things to bring to God.  Let’s come together in unity and have a group talk with our Dad from up above!

If you would like to receive prayer for a specific issue, feel free to complete the request form below and I’ll add you to the prayer list.  We can focus on your problem or issue on the call.  Just pray and watch God work His power in your life!