About Virtuouskween

Yasssss! I’m THE Virtuouskween.  Well hey…I try to be as virtuous as possible in every facet of my life.  At times I feel like Mother Theresa.  Other times, I’m on a constant turn up!

As you can probably tell, I have a sense of humor.  I believe in enjoying life as much as I can and I want to bring you along for the ride.  When I have fun, I want to share those special moments with you.  When I stumble, I want to share those not so special moments with you too.  Out of every difficult time, there’s a lesson learned and it should be shared to help others avoid making the same mistakes I did.

I’m going to quickly give you the run down.  Of course, I’ll come back and give more info about me later.  I just want to give a little sumthin’, sumthin’ for my brand new friends…

My name is Jo-Anne —  You can call me JoJo, Jo, Joey, whatever… I’ve been called all of the above.  I don’t know how in theee WORLD people get Josephine out of Jo-Anne, but ok I’ve answered to that too. Lol

I’m a sassy sista… 30-something, single, no kids, career professional, love God, living that Christian life in the DC Area.  So, when I say it’s a struggle being a Christian single and I’m just holding on…  HONEY, I’m REALLY trying to hold on and wait on GOD.  I can’t say it was easy waiting on my Boaz during my 20s, but it’s NO JOKE during my 30s.  So, I’m not some little, young thing, I’ve actually been through my share of experiences and know that God always come through.  Still waiting on my man, but He’s going to come through with that too.  Trust and believe!

My head is filled with so many thoughts.  So, my blog will touch on a variety of things such as dating/relationships, Christian lifestyle, music, inspiration, and just random things about me and what I’m doing.  Once you follow me, we’re family. No need being all formal.  Holla at me anytime.  I’ll holla back! 🙂


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