Disconnect: Taking a Break From Social Media

No Social Media

It’s amazing how people think you should share your entire life to the Internet for the world to see. Everyone….friends, frenemies, and enemies alike will have access to your special life moments and ample opportunity to reduce its value to rubbish.  No way!  I’m not giving people, especially people that I don’t know, that kind of power.  That’s why I’ve decided to DISCONNECT.  Not fully disconnect from technology, but from all of the types of social media that may influence my life, threaten my peace, or change how I see myself, my family, and my progress.

We see it every day. Someone gets married.  They have to plaster every single picture on their Facebook profile.  Someone has a baby. Every single status that follows is about the baby.  What the baby did. How the baby looks.  Oh, how they love the baby! We know… We know…  Then, someone goes on a vacation.  They are talking about it every day up until the vacay.  Then, when they go on the trip, the timeline is flooded with their vacation trips…on the island, in their room, on the beach, at the bar.  Nothing is private, secret, or sacred anymore.  I’m so tired of the information overload.  Furthermore, everyone doesn’t need to know all of my business.

I’m sure I’m going against the grain now and frankly, I don’t care because I have something important to protect such as my sanity, my contentedness, my peace, my joy, my love, and my special moments just for me and my loved ones. Sure, go ahead and post every single thought and picture to the world.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  However, I choose to only post sporadically.  And that’s my right.  If you decide to disconnect, don’t feel guilty, that’s your right to do as well.

When we post often to social media sites, we begin to look for that validation every time we post. The more likes or comments we receive, the more we’ll feel better about ourselves.  That’s not how things should be.  You should feel better about yourself because you’re already confident and know that you’re special.  You shouldn’t have to rely on others to validate whether you’re special or your moment was really special or not.  People like or comment on a status or picture for a variety of reasons.

Try disconnecting for one month and see how great you’ll feel. You won’t have the stress about posting every day and trying to think of something cool or exciting to say.  No more trying to find that perfect pose for the pic.  No more taking 15 selfies to find the most flattering one to post to IG. No more! Trust me, you’ll feel free and happy.  After the one month break, you can go back and check, but limit your use.  You’ll begin to enjoy and appreciate your life so much more.

Have you tried to disconnect from social media for a while?  What was your experience?  Do you think social media greatly enhances your life or are you better off without it?  Please LIKE and let me know in the comments. 🙂


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