The Hiatus is Over!

TVK LogoI’m BACK!!  Looks like I’ve been away for about a year. Wow…that’s a long time in blogger land! Sometimes, you need to step away from some things for a while to reevaluate your life to determine what is truly bringing value to your life and enriching someone else’s life as well. I’ve been through quite a bit this year. Not all bad, however. I’ve had some experiences that were really eye-opening. God has been developing me from the inside-out and I can’t wait to pour out my heart and new found knowledge into the upcoming blog posts.

As usual, I hope to encourage, lift, offer hope, and of course, lead you to the one that can give you ultimate joy and satisfaction that never fades…Jesus Christ.  So, keep on coming back for new blog posts.  I will be posting twice per month.  I’ll also be resuming the VirtuousKween Prayer call on Thursdays.

There are so many women that are dealing with all kinds of problems and issues such as low self-esteem, self-doubt, depression, lack of purpose, searching for love, etc.  I realized that blogging will help me to reach out and plant the seed of love into those who need it.  So, I’m back in full force ready to write as the spirit leads.  Let’s come together on this space to strengthen each other through words of wisdom and prayer. Stay virtuous!



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