Movie Review: The Shack

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I were planning to see Logan. Yes, I’m a huge X-Men and superhero fan. I’ve been following every single X-Men associated movie since 2000. So, I was super excited to see my favorite clawed hero! Anyways, we got to the kiosk and realized that the movie was completely sold out. The next movie was over an hour away. An hour! Heck naw, we were not going to wait that long to see the next showing. Please ask the good Lord to bless me with some a patience because I definitely need help in that area! To calm my angst, my wonderful boyfriend suggested seeing The Shack as a plan B. He heard some good reviews about it. So, we decided to see The Shack and I’m so glad we did!

I remember viewing a very brief trailer of The Shack, but I really didn’t have the slightest clue what the movie was about. The trailer made it seem as if the movie was about a troubled man that decided to take a vacay in an old shack for the weekend and is visited by 3 ghosts. It’s sort of like that, but not really. I’m so happy that the BF told me it was more of a Christian movie, because I was able to quickly catch the premise of the movie as I was watching it. It was absolutely amazing!

My first assumption about the movie was correct. It is about a troubled man. The main character of the story, Mac, lived a sad, rough life since childhood. Poor Mac. However, he grew into a man that married a loving, Christian woman and started a family that lived a Christian lifestyle. His wife was really into her Christ walk, but Mac still had plenty of (good) questions about God. His questions and wonderment became even more complex when his life took a devastating blow with a tragic event. This caused a distance and hesitation to maintain a relationship with God.

So, The Shack delves deeply into the questions many have about God and the Christian faith. Some answers given during the movie I agree with. Some I don’t because it’s not biblically sound, but I’m not flipping out over that because I understand that it’s just entertainment. There were deeply emotional scenes that posed questions about:

  • Why horrible things happen to people?
  • Why God let things happen?
  • Why doesn’t God punish those who do terrible things?
  • Does God love everyone?
  • What happens after someone dies?
  • How God relates to us?

At first, the movie was a bit slow. Then, it captured my attention throughout the rest of the movie. It had some funny points and some really serious moments. I left the movie happy and loving God even more. It was all about God reaching out to bring His child closer.

Of course, I wish I could explain more details about what happened in the movie, but I don’t feel like hearing any complaints about spoilers. All I can say is go and experience it for yourself. You will love it. I promise! I give The Shack 4 out of 5 stars.

Did you see The Shack? What do you think about it? I haven’t read the book, but I heard the movie was really close to how it was written. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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