More Than A Conqueror

In the mornings, when I’m riding the Metro, I review a small stack of index cards with scriptures written on them. As soon as I get on the train, I whip them out and start to read and meditate on each scripture.  Just by doing that each morning, it improves my mindset for the hectic day ahead.

This morning I came across Romans 8:37 and started to ponder on it for while…

“Yet in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”

As I kept repeating the scripture in my mind over and over, I started to feel joy in my heart and spirit. Joy, because I’m reminded that no matter what obstacle, problem, or situation presents itself, I have the power to overcome them through Jesus.  He loves me, so He’s not going to leave me high and dry while the trials of life beat up on me; but he’ll stick close and fight my battles.  All I have to do is step back, be obedient, and let him handle it.

Then, I started thinking about what it means to be a conqueror. Whenever I heard the scripture or heard the word conqueror, I would envision someone fighting or an army overtaking a city.  I looked up the definition of the word conquer.  According to Google (I just love good, ole Google!!), conquer means:

  1. Overcome and take control by force;
  2. Successfully overcome (a problem or weakness);
  3. To climb successfully.

So, when Paul said that we were more than conquerors, he meant that we can successfully overcome anything because our powerful God is with us. Of course, there will be many things that will come against us.  That’s a guarantee.  But it’s also guaranteed that God will always be for us.  If God is for us, who can be against us?  When we come together in the power of prayer, we are even more powerful and effective than the most skilled armies.  When we call on the name of Jesus, everything must obey.  Every mountain must be moved.  Every wave must subside and be still.

Think on this scripture the next time you encounter an experience that has you stressed, worried, sad, or stuck in a rut. You are God’s child and because you belong to Him, you have the victory regardless of how things look.  We always win!

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