Picked Last: Faith and Timing


I remember the dreadful moments of playing kickball or dodgeball in school as a young girl. I hated those times because I would usually be the last or next to last person selected for a team. Deep down, I knew that selections weren’t based on skill or winning ability, it was all about who was liked (during that time) or who was popular. Being the last person picked for the team was humiliating. Even as an adult, I get

flashbacks whenever I’m in group settings where we have to select partners or split into groups. Thank God, I’ve developed a mature mindset not to care about that anymore because I know my worth. However, your experiences as a child shape your perceptions as an adult.

The difference between then and now is that I no longer anguish over being “picked last”. Despite the feelings or memories, I’m confident that God orchestrated my life and has customized blessings set to be released at a specific time. It’s all about God’s timing. Actually, if I’m “picked last” or blessed last for anything, I know that God is allowing me more time to really evaluate things or prepping me for what I desire.


Many significant people in the Bible were considered last. Abraham and Sarah didn’t have a son together until they were well beyond child-bearing years. After many years of being barren, God opened Hannah’s womb and enabled her to have one of the great prophets, Samuel. Even David waited a long time to become king. They had to strengthen their faith, hold on to God’s promise, and wait on His timing.

Let’s relate timing to dating and relationships, since that’s on everyone’s mind these days. Straight up, I’m not settling just to have a bae, boyfriend, or husband. If I’m considered “last” because I’m still single in my 30s, I’ll proudly wear that label because I’m waiting for what I actually want and not just throwing myself into a relationship just to have one. Being single and going on occasional dates is perfectly fine with me. Of course, there are lonely moments at times, but everyone experiences difficult times. Some married women wish they could have some alone time.

God has shown Himself to be faithful in every part of my life. He’s opened doors and done the miraculous. Every blessing was given at the most perfect time…when I was ready for it. I have acknowledged that I’m blessed and content about where I am in life. I may not know when God will allow me to meet my special person, but I know it will happen. When God blesses me with a mate, he will be wonderful in every way!

So, don’t fret about being last…when it comes to dating, marriage, career, or anything. It’s OK. God knows what he’s doing. The race is not given to the swift or strong, but to the one that endures to the end. So, keep going!

Be contented.

Be grateful.

Be patient.

Be encouraged.


Are you waiting on God to do something special in your life? Does it seems like He’s taking a long time? Share your thoughts and like this post!! Be blessed!

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