Recap: Stellarbration


You ask… What did I miss over the weekend? Well, if you love gospel music and live in the DC Metro area, you missed quite a bit, honey. No worries. I’m here to give you a recap. You know Ms JoJo got your back! Here it goes…

Stellarbration was the place to be for every gospel lover from Baltimore all the way down to Northern VA. So, I made my way through the traffic to First Baptist Church of Glenarden for my piece of Stellar Action. Anthony Brown, the lead singer of Group TherAPy and a minister of music at the host church, was gracious to organize a free concert to not only celebrate his extraordinary win of 10 Stellar Awards, but to also honor gospel great, Richard Smallwood. A big THANK YOU to Anthony Brown, FBCG, and Praise 104.1 for the FREE admission. Do you know how much a concert like this would cost especially with a line-up of Stellar Award winning artists? A lot!

Hosted by Stephen Hurd and Cheryl Jackson, Stellarbration included performances from the hottest national Gospel artists such as Richard Smallwood, Maurette Brown-Clark, Tim Bowman, Vashawn Mitchell, JJ Hairston, and of course Anthony Brown. They did their greatest hits and by the time the concert was over, my voice was almost non-existent. I thought I was done when Richard Smallwood and Vision reunited to sing Total Praise. Lawd! But when Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy got up to sing Worth, someone almost needed to drag me out of there on a stretcher!

Stellarbration 3

Adding to the flame, other locally loved artists stepped to the stage to usher in the presence of God. Whew! I’m telling you… They were some straight-up vocal powerhouses! Brittany Wright, Charles Butler, Jamel Evans, and others did a tag team of rocking the house. The one singer that really stood out to me was Jamel Evans. His energy and anointing was magnetic! I really need to check out his music.

Also remarkable was the acknowledgement and rewarding of hometown heroes that have served diligently within the church and the community. Each of the award recipients were totally surprised that they were winning an award for their service, which made it very special. Someone did a great job of hiding the surprise from them until the concert. Award recipients included James Murphy, Buddy Lakins, and others. Please forgive a sista… I didn’t get the chance to jot down all of the award recipients, but if you know the names of the others, shout them out in the comments section. It takes a great commitment to serve in the church with all your heart and effort.

Stellarbration wasn’t just a typical Gospel concert, but it was a memorable experience full of praise, exhortation, and anointing. It was an awesome time in the Lord! I’m glad I waited in that traffic.

Did any of you attend the Stellarbration? What did you think? What was your favorite part of the concert?

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