The Ultimate Sacrifice

Sacrifice Pic.pngIt’s Good Friday. The day to honor the sacred sacrifice of Jesus Christ on that huge, dirty, rugged cross, which was really meant for us, but He chose to go in our place. As I think on the entire scenario, I become teary eyed because Jesus’ death was a horrible process within itself.

All of the verbal ridicule. People spitting at Him. People punching Him. Those that He came to save was saying “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” The horrible beating that he endured. Carrying…well, dragging that heavy, gigantic cross full of splinters all the way to Calvary after he already been beaten with a type of whip that would cut all the way into his skin and through his muscles. Just imagine having a piece of rough, unsanded wood rubbed against your skin that has already been gashed open. Not nice. Yet, Jesus went through all of that for little ole me and little ole you. No matter how wonderful we think we are, we really wasn’t worth it, but Jesus decided to do it anyway. What a wonderful, loving God we serve. I truly grateful for his love and sacrifice for me. I hope you are too.

Just imagine the thoughts that he had to bare knowing that time was ticking down to his grueling death. The anticipation was excruciating. Thoughts of His impending death laid heavily on His heart. So much that he went to pray all night long that the cup would pass Him by. The Bible says that Jesus prayed and cried so much that his sweat became like drops of blood. He knew what was going to happen. He didn’t want to take that cup, but he was the only one that could. No other man would have been able to bare and endure that type of death all the way through. Most would have died during the scourging part. The death was brutal, yet He did it all for us. He didn’t have to, but He knew that He was the only one that could.

He came as perfect man and perfect God. He came to the Earth as a pure being with no sin in His nature at all. He was the last, unblemished lamb that was slaughtered to take away our sins once and for all. Now, through Jesus’ death we’re no longer bound to the punishments of the law if we screw up. God extends grace for our screw up. Jesus paid a premium price for that grace!

Through Jesus’ death we now have the Holy Spirit of God to comfort us and give us power. During the Old Testament days, God would designate one leader or prophet that would be able to approach him and be in His presence, while everyone else had to wait to receive the message from God through the prophet. That’s no longer the case after Jesus’ death. Jesus died and gave us the Holy Spirit as a precious gift. There’s no other gift more valuable than the Holy Spirit. We have access to God anytime we want through the Holy Spirit. We can talk to God and be in His presence. The Holy Spirit leads us and let us know what do to. It gives us power to fight back against Satan and his evil team of minions. Yes, we need to Holy Spirit to fight because we do not fight against flesh and blood. Yes, your enemies may appear as flesh and blood, but it’s beyond what you see. What’s controlling your “flesh and blood” enemies? Don’t know? I’ll tell you. Spirits! So, the Holy Spirit enables us to fight in a spiritual battle against the enemy. According to Ephesians 6:12, we must fight against principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness. More about spiritual warfare in another post.

Jesus gave up his control to the enemy for just that one time so that the scripture could be fulfilled of the Jews long awaited messiah to save the world. One thing that the Jews didn’t know that God had everything planned that not only the Jews would be saved through Jesus’ sacrifice, but the Gentiles would be saved too. Although the Jews were God’s chosen people through whom the messiah would come, God shows no partiality. He loves everyone. When you love someone, you give. You sacrifice. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. Jesus gave His life for us, so we could live. Do you love God? What have you given up for Him?

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