My Prayer of Transition from 2015



Father, I bless you, honor you, and thank you for this year of transition

Thank you for allowing me to see the error of my ways,

Opening my eyes to see and feel the joy and satisfaction

Of loving and living for you.


My burgeoning relationship with you has brought more satisfaction

than any of my earthly, human relationships.

Now, I put my trust in you,

I lay all of my cares upon you.

Knowing all things are under your control and authority.


I realize that I am nothing without you

And I cease to exist without you in my life.

Continue to reign over me.

Lead me and guide me according to your will

And purpose in my life.

I know you love me with a love no man can give.

Therefore, I love you from the bottom of my heart.


You’ve been evident in my life in so many ways.

I’m truly grateful for your love, intervention, guidance, and protection.

Thank you for choosing me.

In return, I’ll do your will.

I’ll seek your face daily.

I’ll encourage your people.

I’ll be pleasing to you.


Thank you for the heartbreak, failures, and pain of 2015

Because without it, I would have never turned back to you.

Thank you for softening my heart,

And opening my spiritual eyes.

Thank you for leading me by your spirit.


As I go into 2016, not as the careless, contrary person that I was,

But as a thoughtful woman that puts you first,

And upholds your name virtuously.

Strengthen me to continue to lean on and stand upon your Word and promises.

Your Word is truth and you fulfill every promise to your children.


Open my heart, my mouth, and my hands to help others.

Rule over my life and let me be deemed virtuous in your sight.

Your view of me is the only one that matters.

I’ll continue to give you the honor, glory, and praise.

In Jesus Name.



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