Random Thought: What To Do In Bad Times

Believe - huffingtonpost.com
Believe – huffingtonpost.com

Here’s a random thought for you today.  It’s so easy to thank God when things are going your way and you’ve received everything on your little list.  When things aren’t going so well, what do you do?  Is God any less good or mighty? I’ll answer that…NO.  Does he turn into a big, bad God in your mind?

Do you turn away from Him and refuse to pray because of anger?  I have to admit that I’ve had moments when I was furious with God and didn’t want to talk to Him at all.  Where did that get me? No where.  And I was still feeling sad and angry because I didn’t make any progress.  By shutting down communication and not praying, I did the worst thing for my situation.

Sad or confusing times make the perfect time to seek God and talk to Him.  Remember all the miracles and blessings that He’s already done in your life.  Meditiate on those blessings and thank Him for them.  Remember when He blessed you with that dream job.  Remember when He protected you in a horrible accident.  Remember when He healed you from a sickness.  I’m sure that God’s performed plenty of miracles for you, just as He’s done for me.

Continue to believe that what he’s done before, he can do again with the same strength and power.  God allow seasons of tests and trials to come into our life to develop us.  During those times, we must use and properly apply the knowledge that we recieved during the good times.  Time to show whether we’ve actually obtained wisdom from that knowledge.

So, regardless of what you’re experiencing, know that there’s a purpose or specific reason for the experience.  In the interim, continue to:


Read and stand firm on God’s Word and promises.


Speak positivity.  No complaining!


I hope that helps you and encourage you through your day.  Continue to pray for a sista!


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