Get On Up: Tactics for the Non-Morning People


Why is it so hard for me to get up in the morning? Even when I go to sleep early, I can’t successfully drag my behind out of bed. I feel as if I haven’t slept at all or didn’t get enough hours of continuous sleep.

I especially have this problem on particular days like:

Mondays – Because I don’t feel like going to work and starting a new work week. Who’s actually excited about commencing a new week full of meetings, reports, and problems to solve? Not I says the cat! Don’t judge me… Of course, I think about my paycheck and proceed to slowly roll out of bed.

Sundays – I have to go church in the morning. Yes, I know the Bible says not to forsake assembling ourselves together (Hebrews 10:25). Trust me, every excuse has been used for missing service or being super late to church. Since, I’m writing this post on a Sunday, I can easily run through my list of excuses like…

Excuse #1: I’m tired of the over-traditional church culture. My last nerve has been worked with this one, but I should be used to that by now. Some churches are so focused on tradition that they forsake love. But anyway, moving on.

Excuse #2: Attitudes and sometimes actions of overly churchy people. Really…dealing with some of these folk makes me want to pull out ALL of my weave! Is it really necessary to end every sentence with “Praise God”? So over it.

Excuse #3: Service is too early. Now, who in thee WORLD decided to start the trend of having church service at 10am instead 11am? Please let me know because I’d like to send an email with some heated words.

Excuse #4: Laziness.  I’m lazy and I just don’t feel like it. As Joyce Meyer says, “You can’t follow your feelings. Do it because you’re committed.” Ok ok, Joyce. I got you.


Yes, I went on a tangent. So, sue me! Back to the topic. We all have excuses for disliking the mornings and the daily wake-up struggle. Regardless of what those excuses are, I realize that I’m not… And I repeat, I’m NOT a morning person. It takes the power of almighty God to get my mind right in the mornings. And coffee…strong coffee. Preferably Starbucks!

So, I’ve been trying to develop daily practices to alleviate my anti-morning disposition. This is definitely a problem for me, especially when it causes lateness to work, appointments, or events. Lateness ruins the progress of my entire day. That irks me all the way to my spirit. Something has to be done ASAP! So, here’s what I’m trying:

Getting Ready the Night Before

The night before, I try on several outfits and select the best one to wear the next day. I noticed that my main problem is trying to find something to wear in the morning. By selecting your outfit the night before, you will have enough time to ensure that your clothes fit properly, pair the right accessories, and iron any wrinkles. My weight fluctuates. So, a closet overflowing and packed with clothes looks half empty because I can’t properly fit half of the clothes. “Properly” means that I can wear the outfit without it being extra tight or showing a jelly roll. Y’all know what I mean. Bottom line, doing everything at night allows more sleep in the morning.

Alarm Clock Trick

I’m prone to play with my snooze button a few times before actually dragging myself out of bed. So, I set the alarm clock for the hour prior to my official wake up time. By doing this, I will have an extra hour to play with the snooze button before it’s really time to wake up. This is definitely a mind trick. Therefore, you will need to believe that the alarm clock is correct or you will just turn it off and oversleep.


Leave the Window Blinds Half Open

When it’s dark, it’s difficult to wake up and roll out of bed. When the light shines in, it’s much easier to wake up. It affects your body clock. However, if you have to wake up very early in the morning, while it’s still dark, Best Buy and other electronic retailers sell Smart Lights that have timers to turn on your lamp or lighting source at a particular time. You can set the timer or alarm using your smartphone or tablet. Isn’t that awesome? Check it out and let me know how it works for you.


Immediately Jump Out of Bed

Don’t lollygag when waking up. Immediately and literally jump out of bed. Turn on the lights, TV, or radio. Make some coffee or tea. Realize that you can’t return to bed for 10 more minutes of sleep. Keep it moving, boo!


So far, these tactics have been working. I’ll keep you updated on the long term results. Hopefully these tips will help you too. Feel free to add to the list! What do you do to easily wake up and start off your day in a good way? Terrible morning people like me need as much help as we can get. Keep a sista in prayer!



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